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Low Vision

Low Vision

Helping patients with macular degeneration

Patients with reduced acuity due to macular degeneration and many other eye diseases struggle to read and to perform other tasks such as driving and watching television. Dr. Evans is a member of the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists and provides help for patients with vision loss.

He prescribes special glasses to allow patients to see when ordinary spectacles do not help enough. If you have been told “there is nothing more that can be done” then you are most likely a candidate for a low vision glasses. Thanks to the miracle of prescription low vision devices such as telescopes, bioptics and microscopes Dr. Evans can hep patients cope with visual impairment. Our Goal is to restore the ability to perform the tasks patients like to do but can’t due to vision loss.

Visit our Low Vision website learn more about what Low Vision Care. You will be re-directed to our low vision site which is dedicated to explaining low vision care.