About Us - Get to know a bit more

“Eye care is our passion.”

Our practice uses cutting edge technology to restore, preserve, and optimize the vision of individuals who may not fully realize how much more there is to see. We are a team of highly skilled eye care professionals focused on providing the latest diagnosis and management of potentially debilitating conditions.

We also have a life outside of the practice. To learn more about our professional background please look at the team members page or for a more personal look read on or go to our facebook page.

Did you know…

Demian who has been with us over six years has a military past and spent eight years with the federal postal service. He has two children and referees high school football on the weekends. He is also a 49ers fan.

Sam our newest member. Is a physician from Iran who has worked in eye care for over 7 years. He has two grown boys, is widowed and has a keen sense of humor.

Jezabel has three daughters and one grandson whom she is raising. She also has six sisters and two brothers and is never without a birthday, anniversary or event to attend. She is the only staff member who never reminds of her birthday until it’s over.

Dr. Shahriari is originally from Iran and was a freshman at university in Texas when the Shah of Iran fell.  She stayed and finished her education in Texas as well practiced in Houston for 20 years.  She enjoys hiking and tennis and never acquired a Texas accent.

Karen Evans recently became a citizen. She is originally from Newfoundland and loves Chihuahuas. In fact she likes them so much she has six chihuahuas and if the neighbors and her husband would let her she’d have more.

Stephanie has three daughters all of whom wear contact lenses or glasses. She loves hanging out with her daughters more than anything. She also loves hiking and cooking (we are treated to great deserts on special occasions).

Karen O. is originally from Honduras, has two boys and coaches her son’s soccer team. Karen and Stephanie often go hiking following work and sometimes even before work.

Dr. Evans loves velomobiles.  They are enclosed recumbent bicycles that look kinda weird but go fast. There are about 300 velomobiles in the US but many more in Europe. Many people use them for commuting. Mrs. Evans can actually go faster than him (she has the same velomobile).

Together, our practice is a little like our family. It’s something we take pride in and work hard at. We’re committed to our community and to our patients. We hope your experience at our office reflects this.